27. Tech-Train Toyota Split Tumbler Lock #573

Tech-Train Steve Young

Toyota Camry

This Video shows how and why these locks work. In this Video it shows Opening,removal, disassembly, rekey/make keys for, reassembly of Door, Trunk, Ign and Glove box lock. If you try to Impression these locks be very careful they are very fragile.

Opening: (No Keys) Toyota Camry 2 methods, (1) Rear Passenger door, Fondue Fork (2) Front Passenger door, slidelock tool.

Door Lock Removal: Passenger side door (only passenger door has code on lock) video shows how to remove door panel in very good detail.

Trunk Lock Removal: there are no codes on the trunk lock however all 9 of the wafers are in this lock only, video shows very detailed process to remove lock and taillight assembly.

Ignition Lock Removal: One of the few tapes that actually shows how to remove the ign out of the car. Very detailed procedure.

Glove Box Lock Removal: video shows very simple procedure to remove glove box lock.

Asp makes the kit to service these locks

Service of Door Lock: Doors have wafers 1-8 with split wafers in positions 4 & 7 only. video shows procedure to service and rekey. Very detailed.

Sevice of Trunk Lock: Trunk has all 9 wafers with split in positions 4 & 7 only the 9th wafer is for the Valet feature. The key can be removed either in the verticl or horizontal positions (2 key Pulls) also has a lazy pawl. The Video shows very good detail in the procedure to service and rekey.

Service of Ign lock: Very good detail on the procedure to remove Face cap repair/repin then replace face cap and return to service.

Service of Glove Box lock: Tumblers are in position 5-9 with split in the 8th Position. Video shows the proper procedure to repair/rekey this lock.

This Video was Very Well done If you are thinking about working on the Toyota Camry with Split Wafers this Video is Recommended Viewing. #27