25. Tech-Train Automotive

Lock Servicing Update #1

This tape contains 2 parts:

Part one GMC 10cut Igns:

This portion of the video shows Lock Disassembly on the Standard Transmission Ign lock. With working key has good detailing, shows how to rekey the lock (there are only 4 depths on the keys all wafers are numbered and have false notches) {Parts Kit 702767}. Then shows how to disassemble without a key. Check out video for details. The only difference between the 3 Igns shown in this video was the Automatic Ign has a push button, and the Vats/Passkey Ign has the fragile wire harness. One thing I did realy like on this video it shows how to remove the ign from the column with and without a key, most videos only show you the lock disassembly.

Part 2 Mats Igns:

Tools needed Phillips Drive #2, Torx #15, Steering Wheel Puller, Compression Tool, Multi-tool, Modified 11/16th Socket/box wrench, #2 Posi-driver, Socket for removal of Steering Wheel Nut. Video shows how to remove the Mats plate from the column (has good detailing) to access the Ign cylinder. This column uses a different cylinder then the standard Ign.

Check out this Video #25