Video #23

Tech-Train Productions


 Steve Young presents:

Advanced Panel Servicing (Vol 1)     Tape#571


This Video explains the Door Panel Servicing on the following Vehicles:

1991 Saturn - 1st Outer skin removal and Lock Access (Very Nice)

Feiro - 2nd Outer skin removal (very simular to Most GMC cars) - 3rd Short cut for lock service only


4th 1988 and New Chevrolet and GMC Pickups - Passanger side door handle removal to access the lock

and 5th Mercedes with and with out a key - the 4 Track is designed to be removed only with the key,

6th Removal of the lock without a key is more detailed and requires the inside door panel removal

Nice Step by Step Detail of the Procedure

Tools Needed for this Video:

Clip removing tools: Scissor and Pry style

Window Crank Removal Tool

Torx Drivers

Flat Screw Driver

#3 Phillips Screw Driver

Lineman's Dikes (Pliers)

Scratch Awl

Socket Set (Deep Well)

10 mm Socket

#30 Torx Bit

Check out the Video Very Good Information