Video #16

Securitron Installation, Tips & Techniques

Site Survey

Part 1 The Securitron Site Survey:

          Setting up & designing a secure system: with various functions.  They stress magna-locks; they do not go into what the determining factors are for setting up the system (only state what the function for the door is & what they are going to use not why that choice is made).  They do go into how to wire the system (running the wires and setting up locations). Very nice installation video and explanation on how to install the equipment for someone that has installed before, however, they do not use the templates and instructions (they are using the products for the templates).   It is somewhat hard to understand them they get to talking too fast! To understand the accent you need to listen very close.

Part 2 Setting up and Installation

          Door 1.  Explains what you need to do prior to installation.  Shows how to setup the wiring and install the products.  Cutting the touch bar account too long.  Installing Blind Nuts and reasons for them.  Installing the wiring and the bar itself.   Mounting the Magna-lock to the door header.

          Door 2.  Marking and installing, the blind nuts for full length-housing bracket.  Using a steel template instead of paper template.  Also shows installation of the keypad and control panel (abbreviated).

          Door 3.  Installation of the Magna-lock in the vertical position, using the mounting brackets as a template.  Then showing other doors

          Door 4.  Mounting a double Magna-lock on a pair of double doors.  An 1800 lb. Magna-lock this time using a paper template.  Making a wire hook snake (cloths hanger) and installing a pull handle. 

          Door 5.    Mounting on a steel door with a window, with a delay exit device.  Checking the open distance and also using surface conduit.

          Door 6.   Mounting problems and using a Z bracket, soldering the wires, reverse mounting.

          The Power-supply and control panels:  Also using various extra types of hookups and testing.


          About a 60 min Video  very good  recommended viewing before you install some of this style equipment.