8 & 8A. Mas Hamilton Auditcon 3100

Operation & Programing Video

This applies to all 3 models and all 3 mountings: 100, 200, 400; Vertical Housing, Round Housing and Low Profile Housing.

  Users Audit Records Supervisors  
Master Code     00  
100 5 8 01  
200 19 100 01-03  
400 99 200 01-05 Date & Time

Locks Can be used in Single operation or Dual User

Combinations are a Dual Number series User ID 2#s + PIN 6#s for a total of 8 number combination

View Video for Details on Programing

Key Strokes Description of Function
Enter, 0 Supermaster Commands
Enter, 1 Master Commands or User Pin
Enter, 2 Set Operating Mode
Enter, 3 Add Supervisor
Enter, 4 Delete Supervisor or User
Enter, 5 Set Time & Delay Window
Enter, 6 Set Lock Date
Enter, 7 Set Lock Time
Enter, 8 Retrieve Audit or User Reports
Enter, 9 Toggle Sound On/Off
Enter, Enter, 1 Change Report Capabilities
Enter, Enter, 2 Detect if Super Master is Active

Some of the Light Messages:

Lights Message
Green & Red Flashing Powered Up
Green Flash Each Key Stroke
Green & Red 2 Flashes OK
Red 3 Flashes Failed Operation (after 3 failed opening attempts: Lockout for 3-4 mins each attempt after that)
Green Slow Flashing Open

Narrator Guides you Through all the Capabilities of the lock and all functions (programing) She explains the procedures very well but you still need to pay attention there are a lot of features.

Software; Auditcon Audit Only (Brief overview of software)