1. What is....Key Duplication?
    Answer- Copying a key from existing key.
  2. What is....Rekeying?
    Answer- Changing a lock combination to a new key so that the existing key will not work.
  3. What is....Master Keying?
    Answer- To combinate a group of locks to individual keys and a master key (for that group).
  4. What is...Keyed Alike?
    Answer- To combinate a Group of locks to the same key. Lock brands should be the same.
  5. What is...First key?
    Answer- To make a key for locks that do not have a working key. Also Key Generation.
  6. What can a locksmith do?
    Answer- Make keys for locks where no keys exist, rekey locks, master key locks, duplicate keys, open locks, secure property, open and recombinate safes, some specialize in various Fields in Locksmithing: Alarms, Automotive, Commerical Property, Residential Property, Safes, Vaults, Safe Deposit Locks, Padlocks, Electronic Locks, Institutional Locks (Schools, Detention, Corporations) Each field has their own type of problems and solutions.
  7. Other Questions will be added in the future.
  8. Was Lee having fun or what?

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